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Thread: make more milk

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    So, for the past week he's been only taking in 8 oz through the day, I didn't mention it because we attributed it to teething.

    But no teefies.

    So maybe you're right and this is his new normal?
    For a week he was taking 24 oz in a 12 hour period, however I wasn't nursing at 5 and 7.

    And then he went down to 16 oz during the day.

    Man... just when you think you found their normal, it changes.

    Any tips on how
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    24 oz in 12 hours was DEFINITELY overfeeding.

    Most breastfed babies take about that in 24 hours.

    I think 16 oz is actually a reasonable amount to leave for a 12 hour shift, but not if you're nursing at lunch. Then I'd think you could do 12 or even a little less. Like we've been saying, you want 1-1.5 oz/hour.

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