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Thread: My baby's barely growing, and milk's not coming out!

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    Default Re: My baby's barely growing, and milk's not coming out!

    It's been really hard to tell when he's hungry vs having teething pain vs being tired, since he sucks his thumb for many reasons (that's the only hunger cue that I can identify). I would try to put him back on unless he'd just spat up a lot (he's been having spit-up issues since July; doctors haven't been able to find a cause). Then I would try to wait around an hour, because I haven't heard consistent things about feeding after spit-up. Some people have said to wait, some said don't. (This time the doctor said not to wait any more.)

    Edit/update: I tried feeding him bottled milk after I breastfed this morning (2 hours after the previous feeding, which was "breastfast"), and he pretty much kept spitting out the nipple and not wanting to drink. Is that a good sign that he was getting enough milk, or could that be an indication that his stomach has shrank too much over the last month?
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    I need to buy a scale - we don't have one. I really can't afford to buy a new pump, although the motor seems to be going strong and the suction is still pretty good. My LO has a tongue tie, so he mostly uses compression when nursing.
    Have you considered getting your son's tongue tie clipped? My son was born with an anterior tongue tie; I had it clipped and it has made such a big difference. I have a LOT of friends who have done the same, too. I guess I have seen so many success stories I am a fan of clipping. Now I wonder if my girls may have had posterior ties and that could have contributed to my low milk supply.

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