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Thread: Replacement for Bedtime Nursing?

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    I am currently weaning my 12.5 month old son. I have to have surgery on my bladder in about a month and I really want to be able to use all the drugs available to me and I know they are not compatible with breastfeeding. He is eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day with cow milk at each meal and water at each snack. We are currently only nursing first thing in AM and before bed. I feel comfortable getting rid of the first thing nurse but I'm worried about the before bed. We have a very predictable bed time routine and he's very comfortable with it. My question is- how do I respectfully wean the bed time nurse? My thought was to start reading to him during the feed, get him used to my voice soothing him and gradually reduce the amount of time on the breast. Most days he pulls off and is too tired to complete the nursing session anyway so I think we'll be OK, but I just want to be gentle with him. Thank you.

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    Before you conclude that you must wean, get the name of each and every drug you will be given and call Infant Risk: (806)-352-2519. Here's their website: http://www.infantrisk.com/

    Often nursing moms are given vastly over-conservative advice regarding medication safety. Every day moms are told that this or that medication is completely contraindicated during breastfeeding, when the real answer is much more nuanced.

    Eta: if you must wean, or if you simply want to wean, it's probably not possible to do it without some tears. Babies really rely on that last nursing session of the day! I suggest enlisting a helper, like daddy or grandma. If you are in the room, trying to get your LO to sleep, he is not going to want to forgo the comfort you can offer. But a non-nursing adult may be able to get him to sleep, provided they are patient enough.
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    Thanks for the number, I have been in contact with them. I also know that with abdominal incisions nursing a squirmy 12 month old will pose a challenge. I have been ill for a while and know that I need to take the time to heal and not be faced with a pumping/nursing schedule with when I took what medication and what is the half life and such.

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    Yes, I agree with mommal. You should have someone else do the bedtime routine until he is completely weaned.

    Also, I'm not sure what drugs you are talking about, but I had a c-section with my first child and they gave me percocet for the pain after. There was no concern with taking the medication and then having to wait for some period of time to pass - and that was for a newborn. For a child that is only nursing once a day, you could easily time the medication to take it right after the bedtime routine finishes. I can't imagine that the abdominal incision for bladder surgery is any bigger than that for a c-section.

    If you want to wean because you want to wean - then that's great and you should do that. But if you are doing it because you believe that you have to be concerned about half-lives of medication - then I do not think it sounds like that will be the issue you believe it to be.
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