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Thread: When to let baby drink water?

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    Default When to let baby drink water?

    My 3.5 month old has been really interested in our glasses of water lately. It started with her liking the way the condensation feels on the outside of the glass, and now she even leans her face in like she wants to take a drink from it. I held it up to her mouth yesterday and she kind of placed it on there for a second. I don't know that she actually drank anything, but she kind of got the feel of it.

    Anyway, when can I start giving her water, and will it interfere with breast feeding? I know she doesn't really need it, but she seems interested, so would it hurt anything?

    She gets 2+ bottles of pumped milk a day during the week while I'm at work, and sometimes I feel like she might prefer the bottle, but she does still nurse, especially at night.

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    Default Re: When to let baby drink water?

    You can start giving her water at 6 months. Just a little bit, with her solids. You don't want her to fill up on a non-nutritive fluid- you want her to get her fluid needs met at the breast. Until 6 months, just let your LO play with the cup. She's not reaching for it because she's thirsty, she's doing it because she sees you playing with a "toy" and she wants to play, too!

    If you are going to give water to an EBF baby, it has to be the teeniest, tiniest sips. Because of their small body size, it is possible for excess water to throw off a baby's electrolyte balance, and that can make them sick.

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    Default Re: When to let baby drink water?

    When my son was 6 mo my MIL gave him a bottle of water and I tell you that I panicked! She said "He's thirsty!" I told her my milk has enough water for him if he is thirsty. Water is not neccessary when they are little. Breastmilk is mostly water anyway.
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    Thanks for the responses. I knew she didn't need water, but I was curious if it would be bad for her. It sounds like too much could be bad, so I'll keep her from drinking it. I think it's true, she is just curious about what we have and wants to play, too!

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