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Thread: Very unusual nursing situation-need help!!

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    Default Very unusual nursing situation-need help!!

    I have a very unusual ( at least to me!) situation that I am trying to figure out. My son is exactly 12 weeks old. When he was born, he had a lot of difficulty latching ( I had a peaceful natural birth so he was not having difficulties due to drugs) . He went 24 hours without eating anything and then 30 hours without being able to latch. Finally the hospital suggested I express some milk into a dropper and feed him that way. The lactation consultant advised that I attempt to latch him for 5-10 minutes before every feeding and then feed him with a dropper if he still did not latch.

    Well, I did this for about two weeks with no success before I finally starting pumping and giving him breast milk in a bottle. I still attempted to latch him before most feedings but with no success. He was extremely fussy to the point of choking on his own spit before I would stop and give him a bottle of pumped breast milk. I went to multiple consultations, and nobody could get him to latch. We also ruled out any structural issues with his mouth/tongue.

    Then when he was two months old I noticed he was reaching for my breast, so I offered it to him. He latched no problem and ate like that for two full feedings! Then when I attempted to nurse him a third time, he refused, threw a fit, and ultimately I gave him the bottle. I attempted a few more days to breastfeed him and he refused to latch.

    Then three days ago, he did the same thing. He started grabbing for my breast so I offered it to him. He latched perfectly and ate like he had been nursing his whole life. So far, we have been three days with almost no bottle feedings ( except a few). I LOVE nursing and I am so worried that he will start refusing me again. I just started going back to work, so keeping him skin to skin for most of the day is not an option for me. I would love for him to nurse especially since I am away from him during the day.

    I am confused as to why he all of a sudden started nursing. And also how I can keep this up. I know that some of the lactation consultants where jamming his face on my breast during our consultations, a method which I repeated at home. Did this cause him to become adverse to my breast? I am familiar with the concepts of baby lead latching, but am not sure how to approach this and sustain our nursing sessions when I am able to feed him.

    Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Very unusual nursing situation-need help!!

    Wow! That is great mama! I don't know why he refused at the beginning and I don't know why he started nursing again. BUT do not ever give him a bottle yourself, again. Obviously he has to have bottles when you are at work. But you know he can latch. You have had three full days of almost no bottle feeding. No more bottle feeding when mama is home. Mama needs to be associated with nursing ONLY because you don't want to have to fight to get him back to the breast again. Good for you and for your little guy!

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    Default Re: Very unusual nursing situation-need help!!

    I agree with PP, your LO will get confused if you offer the breast and bottle. I don't really have any advice as to why he goes back and forth b/t wanting and not wanting the breast. It could be teething, or something else making him not want the breast. Maybe he has thrush? It could be all kinds of reasons. Hang in there and keep offering the breast even if he refuses at first. s
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    Default Re: Very unusual nursing situation-need help!!

    this is awesome news!

    also make sure to offer the breast BEFORE he's really hungry, at earliest cues or even before he cues, so that he is not frustrated when first trying to eat.
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