Hi there!
Well it turns out that I also have mastitis . Thrush and mastitis at the same time--I never saw this coming! I was given an oral antibiotic for the mastitis, and still on nystatin cream for thrush. My doc hasn't prescribed the diflucan. Honestly, I'm still in a bit of pain. The let-down still burns and my nipple and areola hurt a lot when the baby nurses. I've only been on nystatin for a week. How often do you apply the nystatin? It seems like I can only leave it on for 45 mins to an hour at a time in between feedings. I'm also eating a lot of Dannon yogurt since it has acidopholus which is supposed to help replenish the good bacteria. And lots of cranberry juice. Trying to stay away from foods with a lot of sugar (i.e. cake and cookies) although this has been hard since my birthday was yesterday! Lol!

Thanks for sharing in this journey with me. I'm glad to hear that it's getting better for you.