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Thread: Biting/Gnawing

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    My 8 month old does have teeth yet but she seems to be on the verge of getting them. We do baby led weaning so she has learned to gnaw/chew with her gums when she has food and now she is doing it on me. Any ideas? How do I get her not to do this? It is pretty painful and I imagine it will be worse when she actually has teeth.

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    she does it on you on your nipple, or other places like your finger, arm, shoulder? you can definitely redirect her to gnaw on more appropriate things; sometimes i substitute my finger for my shoulder, or a teething ring for my finger.

    if she bites your nipple, you can a) remove her by sticking your finger in the corner of her mouth, to break the latch, offer a teether, then offer to nurse again, or b) pull her in to your breast and she'll release the latch when she needs to breath
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    Eeep! No fun being a teether!!

    As PP mentioned, having a teether nearby is a good idea + being ready to break the latch is important too.

    Being consistent is key. Baby will learn eventually that the gnawing the breast = milk bar closure. If you smile/laugh or make a game of it then you might create what your LO believes is a fun game ("if I bite mom she makes funny noises, silly lady! i'm going to do it AGAIN").
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