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Thread: 8 month old- nursing to sleep only

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    Default 8 month old- nursing to sleep only

    I thought that once we were over the initial bumps at the beginning, nursing was going to get easier Well, I guess nursing itself did but now it presents all different kind of challenges.

    My DS will be 8 months old in a week. He was almost EBF (with a few oz. of formula here and there) until he was 5 months old. That's when we started solids (by our doc's advice...)

    Recently, he has been refusing to nurse unless he's tired and sleepy. He basically only nurses to sleep and I can hardly ever make him nurse if he's not going to sleep. If it's hot and he needs to drink he prefers water in a sippy rather than my breast. I have no intention of weaning until he's way past 1 year old but with the way he's been nursing recently I'm afraid it will happen sooner
    I don't restrict nursing and let him nurse for food or comfort through out the night which he's really eager to do- usually 4 to 5 times between 7pm and 5am.

    He gets some solids in between nursing, and I let him eat as much as he wants to- that varies between 1 to 2 oz.

    So my question is: is my nursing in jeopardy because of that nurse to sleep pattern? Is that enough? (he takes two naps and usually nurses right after getting up in the morning which makes it 4 times only) Should I cut back on solids?

    Also, once he started nursing to sleep on a regular basis, he also started nursing more often during the night. Is it because he's not getting enough during the day? Or does he just want to nurse for comfort?

    Thank you for help!

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    Default Re: 8 month old- nursing to sleep only

    Sounds totally ok to me. I'm actually going through something similar, I started this thread a few weeks ago. I don't think it's because he nurses to sleep that this happens, it's because at this age they get very distracted during the day. You are doing a great job by offering as often as he wants and especially nursing during the night, makes it even better.

    Here is the link to that thread I started:

    I am offering before each meal, sometimes she will nurse well, sometimes she would refuse but I am making it a habit. She is doing better now

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    Default Re: 8 month old- nursing to sleep only

    hi mama, i'm confused about how much he's nursing. you say 4-5 times overnight, plus three times during the day (when waking up in morning at after 2 naps)? that sounds like enough. if it's really just 4 times per 24 hours, then that sounds like not enough. 8 months is a very distractible age so you can just work on making sure he's always having a full nursing before solids, always nursing on demand as you are. it really helps that he's nursing so much overnight; you can count on him getting lots of milk that way!
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