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Thread: Can I add milk to milk before storing?

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    Default Can I add milk to milk before storing?

    Can an experienced mom please tell me the general rule, when it comes to collecting milk. Can I pump today, save this amount in the refrigerator and then add to it the next day before freezing it?? Or even add to it on day 3? I collected half an ounce when I pumped. Thought it would be silly to just freeze half an ounce or just an ounce even. I'm new at this and I am still nursing baby but want to collect some for a day we may need a sitter. And how much does baby consume at 4months at a regular feeding?? Those of you that have successfully gotten baby to take a bottle of breast milk...

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    Default Re: Can I add milk to milk before storing?

    you can add to whats in the fridge each day. i would freeze small amounts, 2 or 3 oz most.

    depends on your baby but 3 oz bottles is what we did. bf babies need about 1.5 oz per hour away.

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    Default Re: Can I add milk to milk before storing?

    it helped me with milk handling when i read the advice to treat it like food. it IS food, after all! so while there are general safe handling guidelines, people also have a wide tolerance for how they handle their food. you can stretch the rules, but the more you compound stretched rule on top of stretched rule, the more likely you are to have the milk go bad. and when it's bad, you'll know. if it tastes/smells ok, it is ok.
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    Default Re: Can I add milk to milk before storing?

    Yes, I combine milk from multiple days all the time. Just label it as the oldest date.
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    Default Re: Can I add milk to milk before storing?

    Yes. Just make sure your oldest milk still tastes good, that you don't have excessive lipase first, or your baby may decide to drink none of it.
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