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Thread: pumping in sync with baby's feeding time.

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    Default pumping in sync with baby's feeding time.

    My lo is 5 months old, I returned to work when he was about 9 weeks old. He nurses every 4 hours so while im away at work I pump when he should be nursing. I only pump about 4-4.5 ounces every four hours. I only pump twice while im at work because he nurses at 6:30 am and I bring him to the sitter at 7:30 and am at work for 8 and get off at 5 so I nurse him again at 6pm. My question is, is the milk im pumping enough for.him to have while im away or should I be supplementing also?

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    Default Re: pumping in sync with baby's feeding time.

    Great job providing your baby with breastmilk while away at work!

    If he needs more while at the sitter's, I'd just add an extra pump session to your workday, if possible. Here's an idea - pump in the car on the way to work.
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    Default Re: pumping in sync with baby's feeding time.

    The amount you are pumping sounds average.

    The rule of thumb is that a mom needs to leave 1-1.5 oz of expressed milk for every hour she's gone. HTH

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    Default Re: pumping in sync with baby's feeding time.

    most moms need to pump MORE times than their baby takes a bottle, to make the same amount of milk. eg, baby might take 4 oz bottle but mom only pumps 3 oz in a sitting. so if you can add a 3rd pump to your day that would be best, to make sure he has enough and to keep your milk supply up long-term. the danger with a young baby is that your supply is still reasonably fragile, so if you're not pumping everything he need (ie if you supplement with formula for one bottle a day) you're not telling your body the true demand, and this can lead to lower supply long-term and thus spiral into the end of breastfeeding. just keep an eye on that.
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