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Thread: Pumping to help relieve oversupply

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    Aw, dealing with OS is really tough. I had it bad with my second son, and there was a point where I felt like I had to pump. Like you, I was worried about plugged ducts and mastitis, and since he was a really good sleeper at night, I was up almost every morning at about 4am *extremely* uncomfortable. So, I pumped. I gave myself 30 seconds on the pump, with whatever breast was more full and it really helped. I could've pumped more, but the relief that I got from that 30 seconds was amazing. Then when he would wake, I'd nurse him off the other side, to relieve that engorgement. I didn't find it had an effect on my supply, but I only did it when I really felt like I had to - I don't believe it was every night.

    Hang in there - if you absolutely feel the need to pump, do it. But be very careful not to do it too much. Only if it's really necessary.
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    I agree. There is a point where your breasts are rock hard and painful, or you've been trying to clear a clog for a day and it's not gone, where pumping is the lesser of two evils. Yes, it increases oversupply, but that's better than mastitis. If you have to do it every night to relieve engorgement because your baby sleeps well and won't dream feed well, well, sloooooowly weaning off of the pump should help your supply adjust gradually so that you don't get clogs.

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    i'm glad to hear last night went well. keep it up!
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