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Thread: pumping and not sure how much milk i should be getting

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    Default pumping and not sure how much milk i should be getting

    i have been trying to breastfeed my dd since day one she is now a little over 5weeks. While i was in the hospital the nurses there ended up hurting my chances of a latch by pushing there fingernails into her gums. I have had nothing but a fight with her since. I think after all that she associates the breast with pain. Before I left the hospital I had to pump and feed her by syringe. I have been trying to get her to latch but she is just not wanting anything to do with it, but i am still trying.

    In the meanwhile i am pumping and giving it to her by bottle now. I am not sure if i am getting enough to actually sustain her for a long period.

    I can pump in the morning and get 6 ounces and then 2-3 hours later i am getting 3 ounces, 2-3hours i only get 2, 3 hours after that i am only getting 2 ounces then before bed i am only getting one. So that is 14 ounces all day. I have been getting that for 2 weeks and it doesnt seem to be getting any better.

    Does anyone know if i will start to get more after a while or is that the max that i will get

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    Default Re: pumping and not sure how much milk i should be getting

    hi mama,

    sounds like you're having a rough start! do you have any hands-on support there, like an IBCLC or a LLL leader? i think it would be good to have those.

    your pumping amounts sound pretty normal. most babies need 1-1.5 oz per hour, or so, it's typical to get 2-3 oz in a pump. 6 is a LOT.

    what doesn't sound like enough, to me, is how often you're pumping. am i correct in assuming you are exclusively pumping? no nursing at all, though you're trying to get her to latch? to establish supply you really need to pump every 2 hours around the clock. including night, at least one pump between midnight and 5 am. so that's the thing that concerns me most, is your implication that you're not pumping at all overnight.

    tell us more about your pumping - what pump, is it new, how long, is it comfortable, anything else you can think of.

    is your baby eating your pumped milk plus formula?

    edited to add: those nasty nurses.
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    Default Re: pumping and not sure how much milk i should be getting

    I am no expert, but I don't think 14 oz is enough for a 24 hour period for an EP'er. Are you supplementing? How are wets and dirty diapers?

    I second the IBCLC, as soon as humanly possible.

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    Default Re: pumping and not sure how much milk i should be getting

    Yup a good lactation consultant and that baby latched is what you need. Exclusive pumping is very very difficult. And time consuming. And it only gets more difficult as the baby gets older. Nursing starts out hard but gets easier and easier. I am so sorry those nurses made things so difficult for you guys but you will be ablento get past that with help.
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    Default Re: pumping and not sure how much milk i should be getting

    Totally agree with the prior posters - some hands on help sounds essential for your success right now.

    14 oz a day is not enough. You need closer to 22-24 oz a day. In order to successfully EP, you should be pumping every 2-3 hours, all day and night. So 10 to 12 times total. It's crazy hard. So it also doesn't sound like you're pumping enough at night right now? Not enough sessions in a 24 hour period.

    But the easiest thing to do would be to breastfeed! I hope you can get some help to get that baby latched on. It's definitely not too late!

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    Default Re: pumping and not sure how much milk i should be getting

    At five weeks, you should be pumping double that. You should be pumping with a hospital rental, every 2-3 hours around the clock, for a total of 120 minutes a day.

    Yes, it stinks. BTDT. But 100000% necessary for an adequate supply.

    Have you worked with any other IBCLC's? 5 weeks is still very youg and you could get her to the breast.

    EPing us easy now, but it gets harder when you have a mobile baby. I did that too.
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