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Thread: 4th Bout of Mastitis

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    I'm now on my 4th bout of mastitis. First case was 5 days post partum, 3 days later I got it on the other breast so we switched antibiotics since I wasn't responding to it. 2 weeks ago I got it again on the left side, and today for the 4th time I have it again on the left side. My son's only 7 weeks old. This 4th time we think is the same case as the 3rd case since I just recently finished the antibiotics and was still feeling very slight symptoms even on the 9th day of taking it, and the sore spot I recently got is the same spot I had before. I'm going into get a breast ultrasound done tomorrow to see if it's an abscess that's keeping it from healing.

    I've had issues with oversupply which I'm sure is why I keep getting it. I've done everything to help with that (and it's helped some) and have done things to prevent clogged ducts as well by following the advice from kellymom.com and my lactation consultant.

    My question...
    My OB (who I completely trust) said this is the last time he can treat me with antibiotics and that if it doesn't work or I get mastitis again than I'm going to need to quit nursing. I'm devastated. My baby's not even 2 months old. I completely understand why he thinks I may need to quit, but just wanted some other opinions. My baby is so young and needs my milk, and if I do end up needing to quit I want to make sure that it's the right thing to do and that I've done everything I could.

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    Where is that :tearshairout smiley? Yes, if you get mastitis again it's going to be difficult, but you don't need to quit nursing!

    Have you taken the same antibiotic every time since the second time? And if so, what antibiotic(s) have you taken? And has anyone ever done a bacterial culture to determine exactly what sort of bacteria are causing the mastitis?

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    So the first time I had Keflex and since I didn't respond to that and had it super bad (I think my temp got up to 105...it was the most miserable I've ever felt, and I've been through natural childbirth!) they gave me a stronger antibiotic called Augmentin. My OB isn't comfortable prescribing anything stronger than that while breastfeeding so I haven't had anything different since. I haven't had a bacterial culture, but maybe that'll be the next step if an abscess is ruled out.

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    I am so sorry you have been battling this recurring mastitis and I am sorry you are not getting relief.
    There is something else going on, and it may not be starting in your breasts.
    But suffering with this many bouts of mastitis is no good for you.
    Some mothers crawl back into bed and stay there , waited on hand and foot by a loving grandma, mother in law, sister or aunt.
    Some mothers change their bras to a soft comfort light support rather than a tight holder.
    Some mothers forgo antibiotics altogether and tough it out, but they are very cognizant of taking good care of themselves and resting, not doing any chores or errands.
    some mothers burn high fevers and stay away from fever reducers in order to fight off the infection, other moms end up vomiting and then feeling better.
    Do you have an unfilled tooth cavity? Bad gums? Sinus problems?
    I am grabbing at straws here but it is NOT NORMAL to keep getting mastitis.
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    So basically you've had one cephalosporin and one penicillin antibiotic. Both really good frontline antibiotics but not necessarily the right drugs to treat the specific infection you have! There are lots of other antibiotic alternatives out there- see http://www.infantrisk.com/content/an...-breastfeeding for specifics. I'd also contact the Infant Risk Center ((806)-352-2516) with any questions.

    I'd strongly advocate getting the bacterial culture done. I have an IRL friend who had mastitis more or less constantly from birth until 6 months, and she took antibiotics every time the mastitis flared up out of its subclinical, festering state. The antibiotics would beat the bacteria back for a time, but never completely wipe it out. Finally she drove 60 miles to our closest level 1 hospital, and the docs there took a culture, and discovered that she had been taking an ineffective antibiotic. She took one course of the correct antibiotics, wiped out the infection, and it never came back. She nursed her kid until age 3 or so.

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    Default Re: 4th Bout of Mastitis

    First of all, I am so sorry you are going through this!! This sounds absolutely miserable. You are a trooper. My goodness, you poor thing!

    Second, I completely agree. You don't need to quit - more likely, you need better drugs and a doctor who is more experienced in dealing with this sort of thing! Keep looking for better answers, mama. Don't stop fighting!

    Do you have oversupply? Are you getting a lot of clogged ducts? Are you being pretty proactive about clogs? I assume if you're on your 4th bout, you know how to address clogs and hopefully prevent mastitis, but I'm asking just in case. If not, we need to get you on a proactive regime to hopefully avoid this in the future. (If you've been doing everything Kellymom says and you're still getting mastitis, it's probably because you're dealing with an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and you need to keep talking to your doctor, or other doctors, about getting better meds.)

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