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Thread: 4 week old sleeping 6.5 hours

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    Default 4 week old sleeping 6.5 hours

    My 4 week old slept 6.5 hours last night. She is gaining well, eats at least 8 times per day, and has plenty wet/dirty diapers. Is it okay that she sleeps this long? Will it hurt my milk supply? Thanks for your input

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    Default Re: 4 week old sleeping 6.5 hours

    Mama, I'd just consider yourself lucky you got at least one good night. Don't bank on it happening again, but if it does, it's fine. Your supply will adjust to your baby's needs. Now if it becomes a consistent pattern and you notice the wet diaper # dropping or weight dropping or anything like that you may want to start waking baby to eat at night. Or if you are feeling uncomfortably or painfully engorged at night you could wake her just enough to eat (or you could pump, but honestly I think it'd be easier to do a dream feed).
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    Default Re: 4 week old sleeping 6.5 hours

    As long as she's nursing at least 8-12 times in a 24 period, gaining weight and has enough wet and poopy diapers, I'd say let her sleep and enjoy it while it lasts.
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