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Thread: Starting sippy cups @ 4mo, won't take bottles

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    Red face Starting sippy cups @ 4mo, won't take bottles

    My DD refuses to take a bottle and has never used a binki. It was suggested that I just start her on cups. She is 4 mo now and I have introduced water in a Tommee Tippee recommended for 4 mo. She hasn't gotten the hang of it but enjoys chewing on it. I think she might get a sip every once in a while but most runs down her shirt. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas on how to proceed. I could use a little "me" time

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    I started with a cup when my DD was 4 months because I was going back to work part time and she wouldn't take a bottle. She actually seemed unable to drink from a bottle. She chewed on it and never got anything to come out. I ended up getting a cup with a spout with no valve or anything because she had the same problem with sippy cups.

    As it turned out, she would never take any expressed milk from the cup either; she'd just wait for me (I was only gone for 2-3 hours at a time). And then it wasn't too long before she was eating some solids, so the babysitter could keep her entertained that way while I was gone.

    Does your baby ever have a stretch of a few hours without nursing, or when she seems less interested in nursing? Maybe there'd be a way fit in some "me" time without having to worry about cups or bottles.
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    Default Re: Starting sippy cups @ 4mo, won't take bottles

    My 6 month old won't take a bottle either, and so I also tried a sippy and she did the same at first, barely chewing and playing. Now she does a little better drinking it more, she's been using one for a week now.
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    Default Re: Starting sippy cups @ 4mo, won't take bottles

    Have you tried other types/brands of bottles? With my DD we tried 6 different bottles before we found one that she liked. Babies have different preferences and sometimes it just takes some trial and error to find out what those preferences are.

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