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Thread: Pumping Unevenly?

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    Default Pumping Unevenly?

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm mom to three kids, all of whom breastfed. I also work full time, and for my two oldest, I pumped at work. I am doing the same for baby number three (she's 3 months old). However, when I pump, I'm getting 3 oz from the right side, but ONLY a quarter of an oz, if I'm lucky, on the left.

    What's going on?

    I do not think it's the pump. I massage the breast as I pump. I've pumped both sides together, and one at a time, and I get the same result. I do not believe I'm dehydrated. If it's a clogged duct, I do not feel a knot or any pain.


    Any other thoughts? Ideas?

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    I got between 2 and 3 oz from one side and between 0.5 and 1 oz from the other. Many women find that because kiddo has a preference there production is uneven. The more definite the preference the more uneven. Could that be what is going on?
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    My right responds better to the pump that my left - about 2:1. I think this is normal.
    I try to nurse her on the left more when we're together to keep up supply in that breast.


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    I had to EP for my youngest, and I could get many oz from my left but hardly anything from the right the whole time.

    If you can, get her to nurse more on the lower producing side. This may help.
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    So you always had even production on both sides when you pumped for the first two?

    I always seem to pump more from the left side. I agree with aprilsmagic that getting your LO to nurse more on the lower-supply side could help bring it up a bit - at least to start her out on that side. For the early morning and end of night feedings my LO usually nurses a bit longer on both sides but during the day he doesn't much like nursing on the right. It's a chicken-and-egg thing - I can't tell if the letdown was slower on that one from the start, which made him not want to try nursing as much on that side, or if his preference for nursing on the left led to (or contributed to) the lower supply on the right. Maybe others have additional ideas, but since you're not having any associated pain or clogged ducts, it does sound like it could be due to your LO preferring one side over the other.

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