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Thread: Sudden Decrease at 3 Months?

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    Unhappy Sudden Decrease at 3 Months?

    My 3 month old daughter is exclusively on breastmilk. I feed her 1-2 times in the morning before work, pump a bottle, go home and feed her at lunch, pump a second bottle, and go home at 5:00 and feel her all night. So I wasn't doing much pumping, as she was doing the majority of the work. Up until Saturday night, if she skipped a feeding and I pumped a bottle, I would get 6-8 ounces (which is what my pediatrician says she should be eating in a sitting). I went to pump a bottle like usual on Tuesday, and I suddenly went from 8 ounces to 4. She doesn't seem affected when she's nursing, but now I can't pump enough to leave bottles for the sitter. I'm going to the store later to get some oatmeal, and bake some lactation cookies. I also heard Mother's Milk tea might help, so I'm planning to get that too. It's not that I don't have enough to feed her when I'm here. It's that I suddenly can't pump enough to leave her bottles for her in-between meals. I've been pumping as soon as she finishes each feeding to make sure both breasts are thoroughly empty (using a Medela pump in style, double electric). I've also been manually expressing/stimulating while on the pump to get out as much as possible. I can get about 1 ounce out of each breast if she's just eaten, and 2 out of each if she's skipping a meal. Any other ideas?? I'm stubborn, and I refuse to supplement unless her health depends on it, so I'd really like to fix this.

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    Default Re: Sudden Decrease at 3 Months?

    A breastfed takes about 1-1.5 oz/hr. Your pediatrician is advising you to give hour baby an amount that is a lot even for a formula fed baby of that age (I would be doing lots of linking here but I am on my kindle). You were pumping super-amounts. Way more than most people can. You are now pumping normal amounts.

    Pumping after a feeding is only necessary if you aren't making enough. For women who are it is a recipe tor oversupply.
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    Default Re: Sudden Decrease at 3 Months?

    My breastfed baby (who is a CHUNK and weighed 24 lbs at 6 mos) NEVER took more than 4 oz in a sitting. NEVER. I agree with PP, you were pumping crazy amounts, and now you are pumping normal amounts. Many women start out with some form of oversupply in the beginning, because your body will make extra just to be safe. It's really normal for supply to regulate around 3 months and for your breasts to feel less "full." This does NOT mean you aren't making as much milk, it's just your body getting used to your baby's demands. Ditto with pumping. You were pumping more than your child needs. Now you are pumping just what your child needs, as your body adjusts to their demands. Your pediatrician is just plain wrong about the amount of breastmilk you should be pumping and what your baby needs. She (or he) is clearly a bit clueless about breastfeeding (this is unfortunately pretty common ).

    Here is a really helpful link. http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/f...ottle-feeding/

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    with the PPs. Breastfed, demand-fed babies often take no more than 3-5 oz at a sitting, with many averaging more like 2-4 oz. I think up your doc gave you some erroneous information.

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    That is too much breastmilk at one sitting (even if baby drinks it all it doesn't mean she needs it). Go down to 3 ounces and see what happens. If she fusses after 3 ounces, she might just need a minute or two to let it digest and realize that she's full.

    Also - what size nipples are you using? Try to stick with the slowest flow possible. Just like with adults - if we eat too fast, we don't realize we're full until it's too late. Eating slower allows us to realize that we're full earlier.
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