Thanks so much for your help. we are based in the UK so SI especially is really not that understood mainstream wise and provision is very poor for ASD.

I have tracked down an Arc on Amazon and I am going to try and introduce that, I had an OT session on Friday and she tried him with this vibrating chew stick, he let her put it in his mouth so may try this also.

We are starting on the body brushing this week, just gearing myself up for the every 2 hrs. He has recently got better with some sensory areas but worse with others, he has reduced his food to crunchy (cheerios, crisps) and puree (baby food) and nothing in between- this is a major back step from the little boy who would eat everything 6 months ago. I think as he is getting older he is getting more traits - he is only just 2 yrs.

Thanks so much for the link, at the moment we are using joint compression, blanket rolls, spinning, swinging, pressure on the face/jaw area before wiping/washing face, pushing pulling heavy items, but they have some good ideas so will try increasing/building on these areas.

I just wanted to say a big thank you we are still in shock and coming to terms will it all as although we new he was diffrent we still hoped it was just us, but having other people who understand is a big blessing to me and has helped so much - so thank you again.