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Thread: Abrasion won't heal?

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    Unhappy Abrasion won't heal?

    I've had a white spot on my nipple since shortly after my baby was born, he is 2 months old now. At first I assumed it was a milk bleb and tried everything to resolve it (including piercing and lifting the skin with a sterile needle). There are no lumps or feelings of a plug nearby. It goes down into the nipple rather than protruding out like a pimple. So I don't think it's a bleb anymore.

    Baby has no signs of thrush and since there is only one spot I don't think it's that either.

    So I am left to assume it's some kind of crack/abrasion. This isn't a stretch since my nipple is always slightly creased after nursing. I had 4 LC's investigate why before leaving the hospital and they all said the latch looks right but it still is a little compressed, they guessed it would get better as my baby grew. Currently I am trying a saline bath after nursing and polysporin ointment after that. It doesn't seem to be making a difference. Can anyone suggest what else I can do? It's quite painful on top of my perpetually chapped feeling "overly sensitive" nipples (in the words of the last LC I saw).

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    Has your LO been checked for tongue tie, mama?
    Do you have a strong or forceful let-down that may cause your LO to slide down the nipple, compressing it, to slow the flow?

    I get so frustrated by anyone, but especially LCs, who tell mom that the latch looks fine and leave it at that. If it doesn't *feel* right then something needs to be adjusted.
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    Is it constantly white (after nursing, before nursing, in between) or does it ever change color? I have had a white spot on one nipple for as long as I have been nursing babies (so 4 1/2 years off and on) and I have associated it with my Raynaud's, which is also known as nipple blanching. It turns white when exposed to cold, or after nursing, etc. It's white right now even. (LOL - I had to take a peek!) Over time the blanching becomes significantly less noticeable and painful but in the first two to three months of nursing it can be really uncomfortable, so I just wanted to throw that out there as an option. It can be associated with a circulatory thing or due to a compressed latch. http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/moth...ple-blanching/

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    just a thought - you could try castor equi homeopathy which helps nipple damage. also rub some breast milk on it after a feed and put a breast pad on it. lansinoh is also good. don't let your nipples dry out too much.

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