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Thread: Kitchen aide stand mixer

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    Default Kitchen aide stand mixer

    I don't want to purchase a baby food maker that is specific to baby. I own a very tiny food processor and don't particularly like it. A coworker had said that I might be able to use my kitchen aide stand mixer (which I already own). Anyone use this or know how to use it to do baby food?

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    You definitely don't need a baby food maker. Many moms here do something called baby led solids, which doesn't even use purees. You can mash bananas and avocados with a fork or use soft baked potato. I haven't used my stand mixer for baby food (well, I got it when my daughter was 18 mos anyway). But really with cooking or cutting things up you should be fine without any processor.
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    Take steamed veggies and soft fruits, stick 'em in the mixer, and keep mixing until they look right to you.

    A lot of moms skip purees altogether. All you really have to do is to steam vegetables and take soft fruits and mash them with a fork. Babies do better with textures than people think they will, especially when the food is somewhat textured right from the beginning.

    ETA: sorry to simply repeat what the PP said! we posted at the same time.

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