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Thread: Timing Pump Sessions

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    I'm a teacher and just went back to work from 8-3:15 (sometimes 4) every weekday. My parents are currently bringing my 6mo to nurse and visit at lunch from 11:30-12:15 (he nurses first thing). I nurse him around 6am, then pump right before class starts at 7:30, then nurse at lunch, then pump again around 2 (during a conference period and an elective class). Three days a week I get home at 4, and two days a week I get home at 4:45. He nurses right away when I get home. So far I've had no trouble producing enough for him to drink (he takes 4-7 ounces in addition to the lunchtime nursing session; I generally pump 7-12). But I've been reading on here that a four-hour stretch of no pumping or nursing can be a problem. Am I setting myself up for supply issues later on if I don't pump later in the morning? It would really slow down my classes for me to miss that 25 minutes in the middle of the morning, but my school would be supportive if I decide it's necessary.

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    It sounds like you are pumping or nursing every 4 hours, though, right? 7:30 pump and 11:30 nurse?

    As long as you are keeping up this schedule and producing a surplus, my personal opinion is that it's working for you! The extra session may be extra insurance if you're really nervous or it you start not being able to keep up with your LO's intake.

    Let us know how it goes!


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