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Thread: Advice re:traveling hubby and nursing my young daughter

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    Default Advice re:traveling hubby and nursing my young daughter

    Hello ladies, it's been awhile since I have posted on this site at all. My son is 2.5 and I used to post a lot when he was younger. I nursed him until a few months ago and now I am 31 weeks pregnant with my second child. As soon as two months after she is born my dh will be working on rotation (3 weeks away at work and 2 weeks home) and he will need a ride to the airport every time he comes home and then when he goes back to work. So once every three weeks and then again two weeks later. The airport is a good 2 hour drive away and this will be Canadian winter so probably longer for the first couple of months.

    My concern is: I am probably going to be the one driving him to the airport and I have no problem with my parents watching my son but I am worried about what I will do with my new daughter. I can pump and leave her with my parents as well but I am uneasy about leaving her up to 6 hours without me when she is so young. I pretty much never left my son until he was a year old (and even then it has only been for 1 night once and 3 nights another time) as we have been living far away from family. Do you think this will disrupt our breastfeeding relationship? I could also take her with me and stop to nurse. Does that sound like a better idea? The thing about that is that I have major anxiety about my kids in cars and on any type of highway, especially one of the busiest in North America.

    I know this is a long way away but I am worrying about it now so might as well ask!

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    Default Re: Advice re:traveling hubby and nursing my young daughter

    If it were me I would take her with me. I would make him drive one way (either there or back, whenever he is in the car). Also I would consider staying the night in a hotel if the drive was later in the evening.
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    Default Re: Advice re:traveling hubby and nursing my young daughter

    I have anxiety issues about highways even without the Canadian winter, so that sounds really stressful to me!

    Are there any other transportation options that might be workable, like using a van service (do you guys have Super Shuttle?) or a buying a used car that he could park in long term parking at the airport?

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    Default Re: Advice re:traveling hubby and nursing my young daughter

    I think we might commute out of the same airport. If I'm right, then there are a few airport shuttle services you could hire for your husband. Google Ambassador. They offer flat rate corporate discounts. I had a heavy travel schedule during my last trimester and they were a Godsend.

    Personally, I wouldn't want to get stuck on a 400-series highway with a crying newborn who I couldn't nurse in winter. In your place, I'd ask DH to take one for the team and hire a shuttle.

    Good luck Mama!!

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    Default Re: Advice re:traveling hubby and nursing my young daughter

    I agree with the rest. I would ask DH to take a shuttle. I don't have anxiety so I take my babies with me everywhere I go but my DH would not allow me to drive him to the airport nor leave a newborn behind. If money is the problem, I think you'll still have to pay for gas so if I were you, I would try to spend less at the groceries store instead.

    You are very smart to think about this so in advance!

    Good Luck!

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