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Thread: milk production???

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    Default milk production???

    how can I increase my milk supply any foods or special drinks that'll help increase my milk supply (safe to do suggestions only).
    I breastfeed and pump also because I was told the more my newborn breastfeeds and the more I pump the more milk will be produced. However, I notice how the first couple of days I was constantly full of milk and recently the last 3 days or so it's less I'm still able to feed my newborn but I worry when I go back to work if i'll have enough to leave for him while he's home with my mom.

    he's 2weeks old..
    any suggestions?

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    Are there indicators of low supply, such as baby not gaining weight, baby not making plenty of wet diapers? If not, then stop. It will be fine. Sounds like your supply is evening out, which is ideal.
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    Many new moms are encouraged to pump when they don't need to be pumping. Unless there is a problem, like baby not gaining weight, the best thing you can do is to avoid the pump until you're closer to going back to work.

    A lot of new moms assume that you need to feel "full" in order to make sufficient milk. This isn't true. When milk supply and baby's demand are well-matched, it's normal to never or only rarely feel full or engorged. When you feel full or engorged, you're producing more milk than baby is taking- keep in mind that for a 2 week old baby, 2-4 oz is an ample feeding.

    When are you returning to the workplace?

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