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    I'm so glad I am not the only one! My girl has decided to change her eating habits which has caused my supply to change drastically also. I think she is teething and bit me a couple of times. She much rather use the bottle nipple we use when I am not home. We use the CALMA nipple by medela and she seems to be okay with it. She nibbles a lot and chews on it which leads me to believe that she is definitely teething. I spoke with a LC today and she suggested to go back to basics, skin to skin and to pump every 2 hours for the next 48 hours. I'm very stressed out, which I know for a fact is not helping. I'm drinking over a gallon of water a day. That should help. Any other suggestions???

    I'm at the verge of a breakdown!!!


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    Sorry this one got missed, acrab16! I think people might not have seen it in the other thread.

    How are things going now?

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    Have you tried to alleviate her teething pain? My son gets pretty feisty while teething, wants to nurse constantly but then bites and thrashes about. For him, chewing on a cool wet washcloth for a few minutes before nursing seems to help get his pain under control enough to nurse nicely. Sometimes he goes for the frozen rings, but more often it's the washcloth. If you're pumping anyway, you could freeze that milk into "momsicles" which may be soothing. On the worst days I dose him with ibuprofen. I don't know much about how to increas supply, but maybe if she is not feeling as much teething pain, she will nurse more effectively. My LO also always tries to latch on in when I have him the shower with me, and loves to just do fly-bys where he clambers around and I sit or lie on the floor with my shirt off, so he has open access to somewhat short nursings.
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