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Thread: Are my boobs going to disappear?

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    Default Are my boobs going to disappear?

    So I've read here that your boobs will generally shrink/sag after weaning. The thing is, I have tiny boobs pre-pregnancy. I was a 32A. Now I'm a 36A. I would say my boobs did not expand much, just that I have become wider on my chest area.
    If shrinking is the way they'll go, I think the girls are going to disappear altogether! And is it possible for tiny boobs to sag? Holy cow, I don't even dare to think about it!

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    Default Re: Are my boobs going to disappear?

    It's really interesting how everyone's breasts respond differently. Some women get smaller and some stay big. I could be wrong, but if you haven't changed that much in size, most likely you won't have to worry about sagging, at least, since I believe it's that extreme stretch-and-shrink that causes the deflated look.

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