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Thread: Advice needed on how to keep nipple shield on.

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    Default Advice needed on how to keep nipple shield on.

    It keeps coming off when she's latched, which makes her frustrated and the problem worse. She's 10 weeks old and we're still working on the latch, i've been EPing since day 1 and we've been trying to nurse on and off.

    I follow the directions (get it wet with water/breast milk,flip inside out and then roll on). I'm using the 24 MM one. I thought maybe I needed a bigger one as I use a 27mm breastshield on my pump, but they don't make it in a bigger size.

    Is it possible that I should try a SMALLER one? My nipple doesn't fit well into the 24mm one, but maybe the reason she pulls it off is because it's too big? I'm just shooting in the dark here.

    And advice is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Advice needed on how to keep nipple shield on.

    maybe this is an opportunity to try to latch w/o the nipple shield. if you feed her first with a spoon or a cup or what ever else you are using and then when she is not distracted by hunger, try to introduce your nipple w/o the sheild, sometimes a baby will self latch.
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    Default Re: Advice needed on how to keep nipple shield on.

    We have tried everything- we tried bare nips until about 6 weeks, and have tried everything in between (i've been to LC 4x). She can latch once in a while without the shield, but we need to work on her latch (she holds her tongue up) with the shield on first- it's just too painful and I end up in tears without it. Even with the shield it's pretty terrible.

    If I can't get the shield to work, I have to throw in the towel at this point. At least she'll still be getting breastmilk. I'll just continue pumping...

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    Default Re: Advice needed on how to keep nipple shield on.

    *edit. oh whoops, posted before i saw your last post...
    4 ibclcs? wow. what is their explanation for your problems? can baby latch but it hurts, or is baby having a hard time latching and it hurts? has tongue or lip tie been ruled out? has suck training been suggested to teach baby to use tongue properly? any other explanation for ongoing pain-thrush, vasospasm? end edit*

    I agree with esther-IF your baby can latch without a shield, do that, and its smart to keep trying to go 'shield less.' So the question becomes, why are you needing a shield, why does baby have trouble latching? (see edit above)

    Meanwhile, if baby can only latch using a shield, that is better in many ways than pumping and feeding baby expressed milk-although due to potential supply issuers, you may need to do some pumping while using a shield even if baby nurses all the time with it.

    When I used a shield, personally I found that wetness-water, breastmilk, sweat-just caused the thing to slip off the breast and be really hard to handle. If I warmed it with hot water to make it more pliant prior to nursing, which I found after a while I did not really have to do, I dried it before trying to put it on. I also patted my breast dry if i was wet, from leaking, for example.

    I have heard of moms using a light smear of lanolin around the nipple shield to help it stick.

    When you put it on, make sure your are turning it almost entirely inside out. center the 'tip' over your nipple, and then kind of mush the shield down while maybe pushing your breast into it-if all goes perfectly, you should feel your nipple get slightly pulled or 'vacuumed' further into the tip as it goes on, and you should (usually) be able to let go of the shield entirely and it stays on. You may need to hold it in place again as baby latches, however. Once baby is on and sucking, you may be able to stop holding the shield on.

    I would not suggest a smaller size, or if you do try that, just proceed with caution. If the tip is already small for you, that may be the problem. A too small tip can cause/worsen nipple pain or injury as well. No there is not a larger size, but different brands have slightly different shapes that may work better for you.

    I think this is a helpful article and links to many other helpful articles http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/wean-shield/

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    Default Re: Advice needed on how to keep nipple shield on.

    Try different brands. Tommee Tippee and Advent both make them now.

    Don't give up. ePing long term is much, much harder than this. BTDT.
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    Default Re: Advice needed on how to keep nipple shield on.

    I used a little lanolin to make it stick. It worked very well while we still needed it. I would actually keep it as dry as possible, then use just a touch of lanolin on the edge and it would stick easily that way even once the milk started flowing.

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