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Thread: Baby led solids?

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    Default Baby led solids?

    Hi Mamas --

    First, just want to say that it is absolutely great to have made the jump to the 3-12 month forum. I big puffy heart BF'ing!

    After reading WAB, I'm committed to baby-led solids, i.e. start when baby expresses an interest. Well... I hadn't expected her to show an interest at just 4.5 months old. I'm trying to judge what's in an actual interest in food for food's sake versus an interest in mom and all the neat things that a 4 month old sees. I'm alone wit her during the day and meals are easiest with her in the bouncer chair on the table in front of me. She stares at and reaches for food. Is 4 months just too early for a taste? I don't want to start early but I also don't want to torture her or put off something she seems to want.

    I've let her taste and play with water in my cup (no interest in giving her bottles or a sippy at this age; why fill her belly with no calories & no vitamins). She seems to have fun. Would it be the same with a taste of avocado or mashed banana?

    I'd be interested to hear what other BF'ing moms have done.

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    Default Re: Baby led solids?

    If by "a taste" you mean a little mashed banana on a fingertip or a peeled apple to lick and play with, then no, it's probaby not too early. More than that is not necessary. It's a little debatable whether or not you want to introduce solids to the baby's developing digestive system at such an early date, but a lot of moms do it and find no harm. If you're on the fence, try giving baby a spoon and bowl and cup to play with while you eat. That may entertain her, make her feel like she is participating in mealtimes, and stop her from giving you the puppy dog eyes.

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    Default Re: Baby led solids?

    I think 4.5 months is too young to actually eat the food but to hold, explore, even taste I think would be fine. My LO seemed interested at 5 months, grabbing my food & watching intently as I put food in my mouth, but at 6 mo when we finally went to introduce solids, she pretty much spit out everything. Pretty normal. At 4.5 mo your LO probably still has the tongue thrust which will prevent her from actually y eating Yet. Just have fun with it & let her eat as she is ready.

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