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Thread: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

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    Default Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    My Problem is this: 6 month old dd has grown out of bassinet next to my bed, she used to wake every 2 hrs thru the night to nurse and I would side lie nurse her and sleep then wake and put her back to bed. Anyways I want to sleep better because school for me is starting, but I also want whats very best for baby, and I think that's close to me?? Well I told her doctor about sleep situation and he said to put her in her crib down the hall in her room and let her cry if she wakes. That she needs to sleep thru the night by now. So I have been trying it out 3 nights now and I don't really like it, I haven't let her cry it out too much, i let her fuss a little bit and then I've been sneaking to her and feeding her early in the night (my bf wants her to adjust without my interference) but then I don't hear her after I go to sleep. I have a feeling she cries late at night and I don't hear her!! Isn't that terrible, I feel so cruel. Its that or shes sleeping thru the night but i dont know!! If shes sleeping thru the night then this is good but idk. I need either reassurance that this is an ok way to go, or advice that crying it out is not cool.
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    Default Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    Go with your gut mama. Based on what you mentioned above, it doesn't sound like you're comfortable with the plan to let her CIO. Babies that age can often wake and want to eat (a baby monitor in the room might help in hearing her if you're unwilling to allow her to sleep in your room) since they are so busy during the day..

    I'm including some links on normal infant sleep for you to browse:


    I don't regret many parenting moments but I really wish I hadn't tried the CIO with my first (she is extremely sensitive and it set us WAY back in regards to sleep progress).

    Follow your gut.
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    Default Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    I would get a monitor. That way you can let her be in her crib but still get up when she cries. My LO sleeps in her crib (she is 3 months) I have a monitor and if she is crying I will get her and feed her. I don't hop up and get her right away because sometimes she will just grunt and make noise and fall back asleep and sometimes she wont stop so I get up and feed her. I don't let her get to the point where she is full blown crying but I do make sure she is just not grunting and making nose in her sleep. We usually get up one time during the night.

    There have been a couple times where I would wake up at 6:30am and realize I never got up in the middle of the night with her. I usually hop
    out of bed and check on here LOL So hang in there and do what is best for you

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    Default Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    momma, go with your instincts as PP have said. Your ped gave you parenting advice, not medical advice. You can do what you wish with that. There is no reason she must be STTN at this point. My LO didn't sleep through the night until probably 2 months ago and that is occassionaly - he is 23 months. It's just how he is wired!! If you do not want to use CIO (which is not recommended for a ton of reasons), then don't. Can you move baby's crib into your room? If you aren't comfortable with co-sleeping, than there are other alternatives that still keep LO close to you.
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    Default Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    As the others say, follow your instinct. IMHO if you really want to sleep, share the bed with your baby, co-sleep. It saved my life, I have 3 girls, tried putting DD1 in a crib at 3 mo, she taught me by her several night wakings the marvels of co-sleeping, I've been doing that since birth for the other 2. I would have more babies just for that LOL

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    Default Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    no one else likes to sleep alone. we don't even make our dogs sleep alone! it baffles me why we think babies should.
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    Default Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    We've been trying to gently move DD to her room. She will start the night in her room then when she first wakes I'll bring her back to ours. I personally love our video monitor!! That way I can check on her and DS without waking them and it gives me more peace of mind because I can see them.
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    Default Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    I like this website-explores different aspects normal infant sleep from a studies-based, evidence based perspective.


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    Default Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    The recommendation (by the "back to sleep campaign" ppl) is that the crib be in your room for at least the first year of life to reduce SIDS. Co-sleeping is a decision you and your bf need to agree on taking any and all risk factors into consideration... but know that it is very common throughout all time and cultures worldwide. And those who co-sleep report far fewer sleep problems throughout childhood.
    Humans are a strange animal for parenting against our instincts.
    The way I see it, our children grow up FAST, might as well enjoy them while you can. Before you know it they will be teenagers not wanting to cuddle or kiss.

    Interesting points in this article about sleep in different cultures.


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    Default Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*Angie0712 View Post
    I would get a monitor. That way you can let her be in her crib but still get up when she cries.
    Ditto. This is what we do, and it works very nicely for us. LO actually likes his crib and when he's very sleepy asks to be put there (or at least, gestures towards it). It's a little more tiring than having him close to you if he still wakes every two hours, but as he gets older he'll likely sleep more and it will work out OK. FWIW I'm not into letting babies cry. My doctor says the same thing and says I'll regret getting up to nurse him when he wakes, but everything I've seen and read from parents seems to indicate that he will sleep through the night when he is ready Personally I don't think babies are "meant" to sleep through the night until they're much older. That said, when my guy wakes up I usually wait a few minutes - sometimes he goes back to sleep on his own and doesn't need to nurse, other times he's actually hungry. You know your baby best so just do what feels right to you and what works for you guys

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