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    My 5 week old has never nursed due to latching and milk supply issues...This has left me very sad and has my little frustrated.

    I have been trying to express my milk but do not produce enough to meet her needs. I've tried using fenugreek but it cause stomach issues for both mother and child.

    My question is how can I get my hands on domperidone without a prescription, as my OB is reluctant in prescribing it to me. I reside in the US and the drug is not easily available.

    This might be a pipe dream but my thought process is that the sooner I get my milk supply in line...the sooner I can deal with my daughter's latching issues.


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    The very best way to re-establish your milk supply is to express using a hospital rental breast pump.
    If you express every two hours for 15-20 minutes your milk supply will be re-stimulated.
    It may take up to two weeks for you to notice a real upsurge in your milk supply, but for the majority of women this protocol works.
    The science concerning herbs and off label prescriptions is not conclusive.
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    hi mama, it sounds like you've been going through a really rough time! congratulations on your new little one.

    PP is right: the best way to increase milk is by draining the breast, regularly and completely. herbs & rx are helpful for some people, but you've got to put the demand on the breast in order for them to do any good. tell us about your pumping routine: how often, how long, what pump, is it new, how much you're getting, how much you're supplementing with formula, any other details you can think of, and we'll help you get on track!

    you might also tell us more about why your OB doesn't want to prescribe it, as there might be details helpful for us to know.

    tell us about your daughter's latching problems, too, and whether she has ever nursed at the breast, and whether you've had any help figuring out the issues.
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