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Thread: Daycare Worries.... T.T Success Stories??

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    So I start back to work on Wednesday and I am dreading DC. It's ALL I think about and the worries are driving me crazy! My first was with me 24/7 until she was 10 months. DS will be 6 weeks old when I have to send him to DC next week. 6 Weeks!!!! He is SO young to be going to DC, but I have no other choice. Luckily he will only have to be there for 2-3 hours in the morning before DP comes to pick him up. I've seen lots of posts on here about DC issues such as overfeeding (which my original fear was that they WOULDN'T feed him when he's hungry) and now I am terrified of overfeeding since I am not that good at pumping enough milk each day (only getting about 6oz per day) (although I am getting better). I have not seen a lot of follow up on how things ended up with the issues, though.
    DS is a very fussy baby and fights sleep like crazy. I nurse him on demand and he does A LOT of comfort nursing, especially when he is tired, and will not take a pacifier. He sucks on his hands and roots like his hungry, but he just wants to comfort suck to go to sleep. I'm afraid that DC will feed him, thinking he's hungry. I'm also afraid that they will not give him the attention he needs to go to sleep (i.e, LOTS of holding and bouncing). He usually likes to take a nap during the hours that he will be in DC, so I know they will run into this "issue". In my years, I've learned that if you want something done right, you do it yourself. I have a hard time letting other people do things, because no one does it like I do and I know no one is going to take care of your baby like you do.
    I am going to the DC on Monday to go over BF babies and handling BM and make sure we are all on the same page. Last time I visited, I asked them if they had any BF babies at the time and they only 1, but she was getting weaned. I kind of got the feeling that they don't have many EBF babies in there, which has me more worried. I am planning on sending 1 3oz bottle and a 1oz "topper" bottle for the time he will be there (he shouldn't be there for more than 2 hours unless DP gets held up at work, which doesn't happen often). He is a BIG boy - 6 weeks and almost 14 lbs! Do you think he needs more than that? I know the rule is 1-1.5oz every hours, which is what I'm going by, so hopefully that is good.
    Does anyone have any success stories where you've talked things out with the DC and they *listened*? People can tell you what you want to hear, but then do whatever they want when you leave. How do I KNOW that they are doing what I ask?
    I also have an option for an at home DC with a friend of mine, but I feel like at home DC's can be too unpredictable. What is she is sick or needs to go out of town and can't watch him? I would feel more comfortable with her watching him, but DP doesn't agree because of the unpredictablity. What do you think?
    So, I guess I'm mostly looking for some encouragement that everything will be OK and has worked out for others and that I am leaving enough milk for him. Also, I think babies hit another growth spurt at around 6 weeks. Should I leave more for that?
    Thanks so much ladies!

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    My DD is 14 months and has been in a home-based DC since 12 weeks. I interviewed 2 center DCs and 2 home-based DCs and I was more comfortable with the home DC - especially with the EBF issue. She had a lot of experience with feeding BF babies, knew the storage recommendations, etc, although I did have to be firm with the amount to feed her each day.

    It has worked out really well for us. I miss her so much during the day, but I know my DD loves the DC provider and the other kids there. She offers a lot of activities and experiences - many I wouldn't think to do even if I could stay home with her.

    I understand you worries - I've been there. It WILL be okay. No one loves your baby the way you do, but they will still care for him (and love him - how could they resist?). And if you start to have any issues, bring them up immediately and be FIRM in your requirements. If they don't listen to your instructions, you are not stuck there. You can always move him somewhere else.


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    Default Re: Daycare Worries.... T.T Success Stories??

    Hi there, I think you raise very valid concerns of any mother especially a breastfeeding mom! I have 2 kids and both were in daycare from 6 weeks old! it's rough cause they are so little and you wish nothing more than to stay home with them but unfortunately times are tough and that's not possible sometimes.
    Anyways with my son, he started at an in home daycare and she had some experience with BF babies. I would prep the bottles for her each day and so i knew he was getting the amount I thougth he needed and she could call me if she thought he needed more than that. He was a colicy baby, always needed to be bounced to sleep and was the same as you describe above where he would nurse for comfort, not necess for hunger. he was not a pacifier baby either and so i wasn't sure how that would go. FUnny though casue at daycare, he was total opposite, he was content and slept great! I am not sure if it's a mommy thing, they just sense you are right there and want your comfort or what. I would def. recommend reviewing handling and all that with them beforehand and see how comfortable they are with breastfed babies, what they know about the differences in formula/bf babies etc!! if it doesn't end up goign well then maybe you could just have your friend do it at that point?
    my most recent born, and a recent post which may have scared you, was my daughter who is at a difference homedaycare who does not seem to have much experience with BM and the difference between it and formula. She was constantly asking me if she needed more than i was providing for each feeding and insistant on if she got more then she would go longer. I ended up going to kellymom.com and printing out some fact sheets on BM and how quickly it digests and giving those to her. She did end up reading them and i think she finally got it. I just said over and over and over that if she truly needed more than 3 oz per feeding which was what she is getting...15 minutes or so after she finished her feeding, she would be acting hungry and looking for more. so each time she brought it up, i would ask if she was looking for more...she never was! so that would be a good way to see if he does need more. BF babies will always take more than they need which is why they are often overfed i think! I am a sucky pumper too lately and i think it's lack of sleep, stress etc. I do find though that the best time to pump is early morning. I will pump one side and nurse the other and that yields the most of the whole day. A thought to help you get a little extra and water, water, water!!
    so anyways, communication is key!! if you are having any problems or have any concerns, speak up cause that is the only way to solve the conflicts. As long as the providers are open to some education on breastmilk if they aren't familar with it and respect that you are the mom and know best, it will go just fine!!! Also just let them know that sometimes he seems hungry but he is just tired, let them know you would like them to try getting him to sleep first, changing his diaper etc before just assuming he needs to eat! they should be able to console a little baby if they have the right staff/baby ratio!

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