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Thread: 11 wk old nursing til overfull

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    Default 11 wk old nursing til overfull

    You can over feed a breastfed baby.
    Mine has been stuffing himself silly.
    Which causes him to give an ounce or little less back to me.
    Easy enough to regulate him overeating on the bottle, but how do I stop him overeating at the breast?
    Am I making too much?
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    Default Re: 11 wk old nursing til overfull

    Has he always been doing this? When my son had reflux as an infant he nursed for comfort aswell as food. The milk soothed his pain. Also, during a growth spurt they will nurse nurse nurse to trigger your body to make more milk. I don't think it is easier at all to regulate overeating with a bottle because you are only limiting his intake with no idea how much he actually needs. This also isn't beneficial to your supply because it means you are pumping and offering milk of the same amount each time and doesn't give your body a chance to respond directly to baby's demands during a growth spurt.
    Is he puking every time? It always looks like so much more when they puke it up. But spill a tbsp or two of water on the counter and it looks like SO much, but its just a small amount, kwim? Are you burping him halfway through?
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    Default Re: 11 wk old nursing til overfull

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*danlynclark View Post
    I don't think it is easier at all to regulate overeating with a bottle because you are only limiting his intake with no idea how much he actually needs.

    The key to breastfeeding is to trust your baby. If you allow him to eat as much as he wants from the breast, he will eventually learn to self-regulate and not overeat, because babies don't like being overfull and uncomfortable. It's an important skill for babies, and also for grown-ups, and it may be one of the reasons why breastfed babies are less likely to become obese adults.

    Spit-up is a normal part of babyhood. It happens because the muscle sphincters which keep stomach contents down are weak, just like the rest of baby's muscles. If it is produced without evidence of discomfort, it's a laundry issue, not a health issue, and not an overeating issue. Often moms overestimate the amount of spit-up a baby produces. It can look voluminous, but try this experiment: pour an oz of milk (cow's milk, please!) out on the counter and watch it spread. It will look like a huge amount, and you'll likely realize that the amount your baby is spitting is significantly less than an oz.
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    Default Re: 11 wk old nursing til overfull

    I have oversupply and it is starting to affect my almost four week baby and she's been giving some milk back to me too. In our case it happens the most during her typical fussy time in the evenings when she wants to nurse and nurse so she nurses, spits up and immediately wants to nurse again! I don't try to measure what comes out so I can't say if it's an ounce or what, certainly it does seem like a lot when it's all over me but spit up always looks like way more than it is. it's not fun for me and it's upsetting however it is not hurting her.

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