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Thread: 5 month old seems to be spitting up much more - no solids.

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    Default 5 month old seems to be spitting up much more - no solids.

    So my darling LO whose growing beautifully seems to be spitting up more and a lot of it as well, I'll be burping her and I'll hear a big splat and look to the floor to see a pile of spit up - then 30 minutes later she spits up more - I'm seriously changing her bib every hour or so and going through about 10 a day!

    Is this normal?
    She seems fine when she spits up - not in pain at all and sometimes even laughs - although I have noticed her poops are much thicker - like peanut butter.

    But anyone else experiencing this?
    I'm wondering if she's just getting to much during feeding?


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    Default Re: 5 month old seems to be spitting up much more - no solid

    When baby is spitting up without evidence of discomfort and is growing and developing normally, spit-up is a laundry issue, not a health issue.

    Spit-up happens because the muscle sphincters which are supposed to keep stomach contents down in the stomach are just not that strong yet. A lot of moms assume that spit-up has to have some sort of negative cause- like overeating or overfeeding or something wrong with mom's diet. But it's really just a normal aspect of babyhood, and it will pass as baby grows and her muscles develop.

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