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Thread: Seasonal allergies

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    Default Seasonal allergies

    I have bad seasonal allergies. I was on shots for 5 years. I took a year off then developed allergy induced asthma. I was just re starting shots when I decided to get pregnant and thus had to stop. Three questions:

    What can I do for allergies for myself while ebf?
    Can I get shots safely while ebf?
    Will my baby get immunity to ragweed, grass pollen
    And tree pollen through my breast milk?

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    Default Re: Seasonal allergies

    i don't know about shots specifically, but you can call http://www.infantrisk.com/ for individualized answers. would love to know about immunity passed through breast milk too!
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    Default Re: Seasonal allergies

    This article doesn't speak specifically to your questions, but it's one of the best resources I have found on breastfeeding and immune system development: http://www.americanscientist.org/iss...food-allergies

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