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Thread: pumping while block feeding at work

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    Default pumping while block feeding at work

    i am currently block feeding every 4 hours. my 11 week old daughter feeds every 2 hours. i have an oald and oversupply issues- still getting green poop so not sure if i still have an imbalance or its another allergy. my question is, how do i pump if i'm block feeding? only one side? should i just do both? theres no way i can pump every 2 hours. how should i handle it? my daughter has been fussing at the breast for several weeks and it hasn't gotten any better, hoping this won't make it even worse. i'm currently not pumping unless i miss a feeding and my husband gives her a bottle.

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    Can you just "block pump" to mimic your daughter's nursing pattern?
    Rule of thumb is to pump enough to match intake.


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    I had a similar problem with OS/OALD. When I returned to work I pumped every 3 hours. I pumped both sides, but pumped only about as much volume as baby would be taking from a bottle. This meant I stopped pumping each side once I reached 3oz per bottle. Once my OALD was under control, I would stop at 4oz. If I didn't regulate it, I could have pumped 5 to 6oz per side each session . Doing so would have definitely worsened my OS.

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