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Thread: menstrual period while weaning

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    Default menstrual period while weaning

    I live in Italy and since my child turned 5 months my pediatrician told me that I would gradually introduce solids and nurse less in the 24 hours. my baby is now 7 months old. on average I nurse him at 8pm, 2 am, sometime between 7-9am, sometimes I nurse in the afternoon (most times). this means that on the average day I nurse him 4 times a day. My menstrual period came for the first time 2 days ago, the day after he has turned 7 months. My question is now that my periods have returned do I have less milk, or do I risk losing it. It still seems to be a good supply but I would like to nurse him for a few months still if possible. I know of many woman who nurse only at night in when the child first wakes and they still don't have their cycles.
    thank you

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    In the United States, knowledgeable pediatricians generally advise that breastmilk should make up the majority of a baby's diet until some time around the baby's first birthday. Solids are supposed to be offered in addition to breastmilk, not instead of breastmilk, because breastmilk provides perfect nutrition to support growth and development. Since it generally takes at least 6-8 nursing sessions per day to give a baby enough breastmilk to make up the majority of his diet, I would suggest giving your baby a few more opportunities to nurse.

    This is particularly true if you want to maintain a good milk supply going forward into the next few months. The fewer nursing sessions you have, the lower your supply will be. The more nursing sessions you have, the better your supply will be.

    Getting your period back doesn't mean much. You may experience a dip in supply around the time of your period, but as long as you nurse frequently and on demand your supply will bounce right back. You will not dry up just because your cycle has returned. However, if you don't want another baby right now, you now need to be extra careful about birth control. Nursing will no longer provide any reliable protection against pregnancy.

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