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Thread: Baby #2 is A WALK IN THE PARK!! :)

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    Default Baby #2 is A WALK IN THE PARK!! :)

    I must share that with DS1 (now 2.5) breastfeeding was challenging (sore & cracked nipples, over-active letdown, feelings of embarrassment for NIP). I plowed through it all -ed at work until he was 12 months old and tandem nursed (once a day) through 2nd pregnancy.

    Now with DS2 I'm surprised at how easy it was to start up full-fledged nursing again!!! No issues what-so-ever! It feels great to be such an amazing source of nourishment, comfort, and protection (from illness) for my boys. Two more years here we GO!!!!

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    Default Re: Baby #2 is A WALK IN THE PARK!! :)

    How awesome, thanks for sharing!!

    My 2nd nursling was easier too (she block fed, didn't fight sleep, etc). Having that first experience and heading into a second really makes a difference!

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    Default Re: Baby #2 is A WALK IN THE PARK!! :)

    Awesome. When you say tandem nursed through second pregnancy, were you nursing 2 kids and pg? Or do you mean nursing while pg? I ask because I nursed through my pg and tandem nursed when DS2 was born and I totally agree with you. My second was a dream compared to the first, I wonder if it's because we didn't have any break I between. Like our bodies were used to nursing so they just upped production. Whatever it was I will take it!
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