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Thread: Milk supply decreased drastically

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    I recently got a really bad UTI and within 2 days i went from pumping 1.5 oz total every 2 hours to not even .5oz every 2 hours.They only thing i noticed that i changed was that since the UTI made me so ill for 1 day i wasnt pumping as often as i usually do. Has anyone else had this problem? My right breast also has mastitis and my doc said pump,pump,pump! and i have been it pretty much went away within 2 days. Can it disappear that quickly?

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    When i say can it dissappear that quickly i mean the milk and mastitis

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    Milk supply and mastitis can both disappear pretty much overnight, depending on the mom. Clearing out the mastitis is often as simple as completely emptying the pocket of infection, and supply- well, in some moms, mastitis, some other illness, or a day or two of missed pumping/nursing opportunities will cause an abrupt reduction.

    That doesn't mean anything bad for you in the long term. If you happen to be a mom whose supply is a bit more fragile than average, you just have to be more proactive about not skipping nursing or pumping sessions, and when you feel that your supply has taken a hit, you need to get right in there and nurse, nurse, nurse, or pump, pump, pump.

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