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Thread: Growth spurt? More in bottles?

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    Default Growth spurt? More in bottles?

    Hi there. I've posted before about DD's "nursing strike" (currently she will only nurse when asleep). I work FT so she gets four 3-oz bottles at daycare (from 8:30am-4:30pm). Then another 3 oz bottle before bed. Then I usually get about three dreamfeeds into her until next morning. She's always been satisfied with the bottle size and I know DCP doesn't overfeed - they're good about that. The other night she was very fussy at the breast (teething, most likely) at night and I couldn't get her to even dreamfeed so she had a total of two 3oz bottles throughout the night (I pumped after each bottle) and one mini-dreamfeed. She did not sleep well that night. The following day, DCP said she was hungry all day and asked for an extra bottle.

    I'd rather make her bottles for daycare 4oz each (or maybe even 3.5oz) than send an extra 3oz bottle so she can go longer between feedings. Sometimes she goes 3 hours between feedings at daycare so a 4 oz bottle every three hours isn't unreasonable, right? DD is about 5 months old so we might be playing around with solids in about a week or so. I don't mind the larger bottles as I pump way more than she needs each day anyways.

    Anyways - I'm wondering if she had a growth spurt or if the bottles she got overnight totaled much less than she would have gotten nursing?

    (I wish this kid would just nurse normally but that's a whole other post!)
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    Default Re: Growth spurt? More in bottles?

    Your DD is the same age as mine. I've been told 1-1/2 oz per hour, so 4 oz bottles for every 3 hours sounds fine. I'm sure the experts will give you their advice soon.

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