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Thread: Do I cut down on nursing??

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    As long as she continues to nurse frequently- say 5 or more times a day? Then it's okay if baby eats a lot of solids. I agree that the amount of solids your LO eats is a lot, but some babies do make the transition to eating a lot of solids earlier than others do. The only thing I would watch for is self-weaning/nursing strikes- when a baby realizes she can get her needs met by consuming solids, she may decide to reduce or eliminate her nursing. Not that that sort of thing is common- but I do know one mom who had that experience with her kid. Because her LO was such a good eater when it came to solids, it was impossible to lure her back to the breast when she went on strike after a nasty bite and a shocked reaction from mom.

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    I agree with the PP. Keep in mind of course that as she takes in more solids that you have to keep nutrition in mind. As more solids go in and there's less nursing, you have to make sure that the solids are balanced. Some fruits, some meats, veggies, some cheese / yogurt, etc. Mix it up!
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    There is 17 months between my kids. I swear to goodness my little one eat more food than my big one by the time she was 10 months. He seemed to be surviving on air and age was eating like a horse and nursing like a newborn. She has consistently fluttered around the 25% for height and weight so it didn't make her fat or anything. She is still nursing and she is closer to 3 than I ever would have imagined nursing.
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    Amen to all of the above. This was my concern as well as I was given the same advice - more solids NB because milk no longer sufficient! Wish doctors would stop giving such bad advice...

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