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Thread: Pumping question

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    hmmm...I would have a hard time relaxing in a bathroom too, especially if its the only one!! I pump in a closet that is used for direct tv modules! hahaha, so it's quite toasty in there, i thought that would help my "milk flow" but no such luck! hahaha, anyways....this may seem odd.... but have you tried your car? I mean not ideal but maybe you could relax a little more in there and use a nursing apron to cover yourself?! I find it very hard to relax enough to allow the pump to letdown and so some days i barely get anything especially if i am stressing about how much is in the bottle. What works INCREDIBLE for me is if i nurse my LO on one side and pump the other as often as i can!! She gets the milk to letdown much quicker and I get so much more then double pumping and this may help you have enough to leave for your baby!? It is a bit challenging at first to juggle both esp if your LO is a wiggly one like mine who has to checkout eveyrthng around her but it's worth a shot!! I'm sorry this is so tough for you, I feel your pain and frustration!!

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    what kind of pump are you using? is it new? how long and how often do you pump?

    i agree with PPs - you need to do whatever you can to make yourself feel relaxed and calm while pumping. you have an extra battle, being in a bathroom that other people need to use, so you need to figure out ways of combating that. making sure you let them know ahead of time seems like a great idea, as does making sure there's a lock on the door so they don't come in accidentally, putting a sign on the door so they don't even knock, bringing headphones and a mobile device so you can listen to music or a slideshow of pics of your baby, i found it really helped to have an audio track of my baby's "latch on" sounds too, which i looped to a slideshow in itunes (super easy to do). i had a ritual of closing my eyes, massaging my shoulders, stretching my arms, then massaging my breasts (=compressions) while pumping, and that all really helped.
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