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Thread: Help with Pump Flange Selection

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    Default Help with Pump Flange Selection

    How can you tell if the flange you are using to pump is the correct size. I tried for the first time last night when my breast was very full before lying down. The nipple appeared to have plenty of room in the flange. I had great success with milk flow but when I was done the area around my nipple, the areaola, was swollen. Does the opening in the flange need to encase the areaola too or just the nipple? My breast felt bruised through the next day. I can't tell if the size was wrong or the speed or maybe both.

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    Welcome! It's really hard to say - it's such an individual thing. If you are using the standard size flanges that come with your pump, it wouldn't be unusual to go up a size. Try it and see what happens. I tend to have a good bit of my areola in the flange no matter what size I use. I use Medela pumps and the size 27mm flanges are best for me.
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    I would say try a bigger size. I personally found that the size I "should" have used was too small and I had to keep trying. I even tried PumpinPals, but they didn't work for me.

    Some moms find lubrication helps.

    Also, make sure your pump is in good working order and you are using suction that is just strong enough.
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    Hello anyone looking for help with this. I went to the Medela website, http://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com/
    and found some very helpful information on this. I encourage you to take a look. Scroll to the bottom and look for Learning--Tips and Solutions. Find the FAQ's. Very useful information!
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    here's the most awesome link serena gave me

    I also bumped an old thread of mine for you
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