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I have been grappling over the same issue about when to start solids. My ds got his first two teeth at 4.5 mo. He is still teething so I am expecting to see another tooth soon. He used to get up twice a night and then early am. Now he has been fussing up to 4 times a night of which I nurse him 3. He is in a co-sleeper so it isn't so tough however, I am not getting any sleep. I mean 1 to 1.5 hrs at a time and only about 4-5 hours and it is killing me. I started him on cereal as I have read over and over that is the best first foods??? He can sit in a highchair, grabs at my food and stares and can pinch and now has lost the tongue reflux. At first it was real runny and in the evening about an hour after he nursed and before bedtime nursing so that it does not take place of a nursing session just an addition ( I was giving an extra xbm in a bottle before this). Now I am adding a late morning. Sometimes he eats a lot and sometimes not much. I let him judge. You all mentioned real foods like avocados and bananas, should I be giving him that instead of cereal? I had thought I would wait until 6mo to start real foods. My ds is 27" and 16.7lbs and will be 5 mo on the 17th. I just think he needs more.

Soliderwife, solids actually have less calories than breastmilk! Starting solids will also not make a baby sleep longer at night; in fact, the opposite can occure if you start before six months (when they still have "open gut", babies started too early often get very gassy and constipated, which can keep them awake).

Dd2 is just now six months and we let her play with some mashed banana, but she's really not ready to actually eat anything, and that's fine

Fruits are fine, it's a myth that they'll crave sweets if you give those first. And actually, breastmilk itself is quite sweet We instinctually prefer sweeter tasting foods- sweet=ripe!