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Thread: Is DS starving in the evenings??

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    Default Re: Is DS starving in the evenings??

    Think of it this way: Since you're "emptier" (using that term loosely of course, you are never empty) in the evening, baby is getting more of the fatty molecules that have been hanging out in your breast tissue all day ("hindmilk"); like PPs said, Nature's way of filling baby up so they sleep for a little stretch in the night

    Doesn't seem like it now, but it truly will be over with before you know it (and you won't believe this, but you'll hardly remember it!!!).
    Keep up the good work, mama
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    Default Re: Is DS starving in the evenings??

    This was good to read. When my first daughter was 3 weeks old I got so sick with mastitis I had to go to the hospital and leave her with my parents, and I didn't know enough to insist that they find drugs to use on me that were safe in breastmilk, so I had to pump and dump and have my parents give her formula. Which killed me. And then it took 3 months to wean her off the 2-4 oz of formula she still seemed so desperate for by the end of the day. I always figured the sickness and drugs messed with my milk supply and that's why she seemed to be starving in the evenings, but reading this, I wonder if I could have just kept offering her the breast even though I seemed totally empty. Maybe it was just the fussy evening thing. So thanks for sharing, everyone!

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