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Thread: Diet and EBF

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    Question Diet and EBF

    I have a decent diet. About a week ago it seemed that every time DD3 would eat she would spit up, it would be thick and kinda chunky. She would also be fussy. She's doing better now but I was just wondering the time frame of when what I eat effects my milk, and when its no longer effecting my milk... Then again maybe she just had a little belly bug.


    (oh and could somebody give me the site for medications while BF, thanks )
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    Default Re: Diet and EBF

    What you describe sounds like normal baby behavior, not like an issue related to your diet.

    There's really no commonly accepted timeframe for diet affecting milk- some substances like alcohol will affect your milk almost immediately, others will take hours or maybe even days to show up in your milk. And the time that a substance will stay in your milk also varies. Alcohol is gone very quickly, cow's milk proteins can linger for weeks.

    The site you're looking for may be Infant Risk:http://www.infantrisk.com/

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