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Thread: Dip in milk supply and nothing is seeming to work

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    I haven't tried every single, but I guess that's another thing I need to start doing everyday. Somedays he's not interested at all and at most he will nurse for 3-4 min. He hasn't completely lost the skill yet though. Encouragment alone from you ladies gives me some hope that I can eventually get to where I want to be. It's amazing how much words can do for and from someone you don't even know. Any tips on the biting? Today I did skin to skin while giving him the bottle and tried to nurse after, he wasn't very interested. I didn't wanna be too forceful with it so I just tried to do the skin to skin as long as he would be content laying there with me..

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    Generally, the way to deal with biting is to say, firmly but gently, "Ouch, hurts mama! No biting!" and then end the feeding, or at least pause it and put the baby down for a few seconds/minutes. This teaches the baby that biting = the end of nursing. Since most babies love to nurse, they usually rapidly decide that chomping mama carries too high a price.

    The difficulty here is that you're trying to lure your baby back to the breast, and maximize his nursing time. So unless the biting is really unendurable, i think I'd focus on getting him to nurse more and deal with the biting at a later time.

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