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Thread: 1 week old wont latch anymore after a great start

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    Default 1 week old wont latch anymore after a great start

    Hi everyone,

    I am at a complete loss right now, My newborn was born last monday. The first few days of nursing were tiring but successful. He was latching pretty good and my milk came in quickly and we were off to a good start.

    Starting two days ago, he will not latch! he roots around and starts sucking his hands, everytime i try to latch him on he'll suck for a bit and then pull away and get really fussy and start putting his hands in his mouth then try to latch again but on his own. so i will try to relatch him and he will just refuse even though he really seems to want to nurse.

    at first the problem was bearable, it would take me about 20 minutes before he would latch properly and start feeding but now its gotten to the point, where this morning he would not latch even after an hour. I knew that he was hungry because he hadn't gotten much to eat during the night so i gave him a little bit of formula via a dropper to satisfy him. that really helped. I also noticed that during nursing he would be really gassy and get hiccups a lot. He has not taken in bottles or pacifiers. i have avoided all artificial nipples.

    does anyone have any advice on this? im going to start pumping because im afraid of losing my milk supply. plus if i start pumping, i can at least give him my milk instead of formual. im going to a la leche league meeting tonight so im hoping there will be some help there but in the meantime maybe someone on this forum can help me. Im really trying to make this work but its really frustrating, also would like to mention that my nipples are incredibly sore right now from relatching. i really dont know what to do right now. thank you in advance for your help

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    Oh mama you've hit some bumps in the road but don't give up hope, you're both still very new and learning to breastfeed.

    Here are some tips for bringing baby back around: http://www.llli.org/faq/back.html
    Have you tried to swaddle/feed? Laid back breastfeeding?

    You are doing the most important thing, feeding the baby! I hope that a LLL can help you at the meeting tonight!
    Punk-rock luvin mate to DH and mama to DD1 (born '03) , DD2 (born '08) and nursling DS (born '11) who survived infant botulism.

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    Default Re: 1 week old wont latch anymore after a great start

    thanks for the link, i will def check it out. yes, ive tried swaddling and it doesnt work. I've tried laid back feeding as well, along with every other position in the book. im sure this is just a hiccup in our bf relationship so im going to keep trying.

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    Default Re: 1 week old wont latch anymore after a great start

    When a baby has difficulty latching after nursing well for the first few days one of the first things I always suspect is that the mother's breasts are very full or even engorged. This can cause it to be much more difficult for baby to be able to latch. You can look up ideas for engorgement on this website and also at Kellymom.com. one thing you could try is hand expressing a little bit of milk just before latching. you could also try something called reverse pressure softening. If the issue is not engorgement, forceful letdown is a possibility it would be unusual this early but not unheard of. look at the article on Kelly mom.com search forceful letdown on that website. Also the ideas for encouraging baby to take the breast in the above suggested article are good-remember to keep offering as frequently as you can a baby this age will want or need to nurse very frequently and sometimes issues arrise if it is been a long time between nursing sessions, even if you are cue feeding you may want to try to offer even more frequently.

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