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    I recently went back to work and my 12 week old stopped taking a bottle about 3 days before my first day back. He was taking Dr. Browns bottles from 10 weeks on just fine, and then he just stopped. My mother in law is watching him and feeds him from a medicine dropper. He probably only gets about 4 oz while I am away at work for 10 hours. At 15 pounds, I know that just isnt cutting it. We have tried at least 6 different nipple/bottle brands. I went to the pediatrician, and he reccommended to bottle feed exclusively (with my expressed milk) until he gets the hang of it. My concern is that this will affect the breast feeding success when I go back to putting him on the breast. He feeds like a champ now, but boy it took us about a month to get there. Feeling much anxiety over the whole thing and would just love a little feedback/insight/anecdotal responses.

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    Do not bottle feed! Does your baby nurse overnight? Have you checked your milk for excess lipase? How long have you been back at work?

    I had the same situation with Lilah and for the first month or so, she would drink 2 to 4 ounces the whole day. And then she increased to between 5 and 8 ounces - but she nursed all night long and frequently on my days off. However, I discovered when she was already a year old that my milk had excess lipase in it and tasted like vomit after being in the fridge for more than 36 hours. And any frozen milk I gave her was the same way. So, taste test your milk and see if that's the problem.

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    My daughter struggled to take a bottle when I first returned to work. Eventually she got used to bottles but prefers the breast. Only my husband (or daycare person) bottle feed, I always feed at the breast. She easily goes back & forth, but it took about a month for her to handle it well. Her intake increased by bottle fairly quickly, maybe 2 weeks. And like PP, she ate a lot during the night, up until maybe 19 months. It may help to give it more time before rushing into exclusive bottle feeding, especially since you worked so hard to get where you are. I found bed-sharing helped her eat more, maintain my supply (also had to work hard to achieve & maintain), keep her breastfeeding (vs only bottle), and still let us all sleep. Hope that helps! Good luck. Your baby is lucky to have a mom working so hard to take care of him. You rock!

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