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Thread: Having to apologize for bf at 2yrs

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*andreagon View Post
    In my family i am the first one BF this long (17 months) and when someone asks me : when will you stop? I say: probably when she starts going to the university
    I like your response! I agree, you don't have to be confrontational but you should not apologize. Great job on bfing your twins this long.


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    My cousin bf but hated it and weaned early so made me feel bad that I am still doing it.
    it sounds like your cousin made her own personal choice about breastfeeding, and you have every right to make your own personal choice, even if it is a different choice. Just as it would not be appropriate for you or anyone else to chastise her about weaning when she did, it seems inapropriate for you to be chastised for nursing. I am talking about verbal chastising. The act of nursing your children has nothing to do with your cousin or anyone else except you and your children.

    If your cousin feels badly about not nursing longer, that is not your fault.
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    I bf my now 2 1/2 year old for 2 years basically because my son will not drink cow's milk and formula is not even an option for me with all of the chemicals they put into it. So he held my breasts hostage a year longer than I had planned and only because I found out I am pregnant again did release them. His brother to come will pick up where he left off. I am enjoying the break though...lol.

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