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Thread: 4.5 month old really fussy at boob - low milk supply?

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    Default Re: 4.5 month old really fussy at boob - low milk supply?

    with PPs. Excessive fussiness and distractibility is pretty normal from 4-5 months.

    I had to eventually give up some lovin' for my husband even though I wasn't in the mood (not even a little bit), because I was pretty sure I wasn't ever going to be in the mood again. It has taken awhile, but it is definitely enjoyable for me again. It can be difficult at first, but you get back in the groove eventually.

    I just wanted to add that because of your low blood pressure, it is really important for your own health and stress level that you make sure to eat enough. Make sure to keep lots of snacks in the house so that you can just graze all day. Nuts, cheese and crackers, fruits, and raw vegetables all require no preparation at all so that you can just grab a bite here and there. Also, make sure that you get some kind of very light exercise (a brisk walk is excellent for this) every day - it helps blood pressure, helps you sleep better, and helps with stress.

    Oh and congrats on the new place!
    K. Sophia - Mama to my little lactivore, the amazing Mr. X (11/10).

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    Default Re: 4.5 month old really fussy at boob - low milk supply?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommylove View Post
    I could have written your OP!
    Girl, you are NOT alone. Getting the same type of things with my LO, who is about 4 months old. I am dealing with the 4 month sleep regression thing, teething, and night wakings all over the place as well. AND Im in the same exact boat with DH. I thought I was the only one who was this far behind on getting "back" to normal relations.
    I really dont have any advice for ya, sorry, but thankfully these ladies do, but just wanted to say you are not alone! NAK sorry!
    Ah Mommylove!!!

    So nice to hear .... 4 months eh, I guess really start developing at this age, rolling, teething, being distracted etc etc .... makes sense and I'm so happy to hear of others that are in the same boat - it's funny how it can make you feel better even though of course you wish for others to be having a smooth sailing time .... glad to hear about your DH as well - again selfishly on my part .... it is hard getting back to being intimate again - but I'm sure we'll get there - besides I've always wanted 2 little pixies so ...... ha ha ...

    Thanks PHI!

    Unfortunately it's only temporary - it's a loft space so probably a good thing it's temporary but the neighborhood is so great - so hopefully we'll find somewhere around the same area - and yeah I have a feeling I"ll just have to grin and bear it the first time - I Know that sounds horrible .. but I do love my DH and want him to feel loved ... and besides very obviously I enjoyed it once before, funny though how you just don't miss that part of being in a relationship - I remember my sister telling me about it and thinking 'oh I wont be like that!'.

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