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    My twins are 1 month, 2 days. I've been breastfeeding them since birth with occasional supplementation due to low supply, latching issues, etc. We're finally past the latching, however I don't know that they are getting enough and want to nurse for 45 mins at a time every 1-2 hours. They scream otherwise and even with the constant nursing don't seem content until I give a supplement. I realize that many will say, "just nurse them when they want/this increases your supply" however, as mothers of twins will know, this time constraint is very difficult when another baby needs your attention. I do tandem nurse them but they won't want to nurse at the same intervals. I need help for how to increase my supply if that is the issue (again, needs to be realistic with caring for twins and not "pump every hour after feeding") because I simply don't have the time to do that. I currently take fenugreek and try to BF first before supplementation.
    I know these are some of the many reasons mothers of multiples don't BF or stop BFing but I truly want to continue. I'm at a point though where they are always upset and I'm always upset and not sure it's worth it. Everyone said stick it out for several weeks and it will be worth it, but here I am 4 1/2 weeks in and still struggling...

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    I'm not a mom of twins, but I have been told by twin moms that it's important to try to nurse both babies every time even just one of them is hungry. I guess that's supposed to encourage them to get on the same schedule- and needless to say, it's great for supply.

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    Your twins nurse for 45 minutes every other hour because they are infants.
    Low milk supply is not the reason your lo's are always looking to be fed.
    You're probably are making more than enough milk.
    Infants like to be held and they like to suckle.
    this newborn phase is intense and it lasts for 8 weeks.
    you probably don't need to pump if your babies have strong rhythmic sucking skills.
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    I had twins and also suffered from a low milk supply. I found out later I was hypothroid. So I would have your thyroid checked. It's hard I would cry when I had to supplement but I knew it was right. We started out just giving one bottle before bed so we could all get a little rest but occasionally when they went through growth spurts they needed more. I would nurse and nurse. With twins you can't nurse them both and sleep so you occasionally need a break. I also did another no no I started solids at four months which worked great for me because they loved them and at so much they didn't formula any more were content to just nurse until my milk dried up at 9 months.
    With my son he was only supplemented once at breast being a 10lb baby and my supply started off low (probably due to thyroid) But then my supply was sufficient. He was a huge baby I hardly ever game him solids til after a year because he just didn't need then and he didn't wean til 3.5. So you can see having twins is a whole different ball game. However, looking back I am glad I stuck it out with them. They were rarely sick and I really felt the breastfeeding was easier than bottle feeding.
    It might be good to be seen by an IBCLC to ensure they are feeding well and getting enough.
    Looking back also I would say just do the best you can and don't feel guilty about your decisions. Twins was hard but totally worth it. Now I have the sweetest 7 year old girls.
    Did this for 9months with Kailey and Hailey
    who are now 8.

    weaned Dane somewhere around 3.5 no longer he likes to sleep with his sisters He's now 5

    Now I am , , My baby Cruz who is almost 6 months and my last baby

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    Although of course breast-feeding twins is different than breast-feeding a Singleton, the way you increase your milk supply is the same. Your baby's behavior does not sound abnormal they need to nurse a lot they need to be held a lot hopefully you have help with that right now. The way you tell if the baby is not getting enough breast milk is by their weight gain and their output. if the baby is gaining appropriately by breast-feeding then you make enough. if the baby is not gaining appropriately by breast-feeding either you do not make enough milk or there is some other reason the baby is not getting enough. Sometimes the issue is a milk transfer issue and often the issue is the baby is not nursing frequently enough although that does not sound like the case here. Kelly mom.com has a very good article on low milk supply and articles on ways to increase milk supply Including use of galactagogues. I also suggest the book making more milk if the issue is that you have low milk supply. Even if you choose to use galactagogues you will still need to have the milk removed from your breasts frequently and effectively in order to keep good milk production going. And effectively nursing baby or two effectively nursing babies will will do this better then pumps. I also suggest the book mothering multiples if you don't already have that plus the authors website is very helpful for moms of twins.
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